Manage Users

User accounts are shared across services. A common user repository is shared across James services. That is, once you've created a POP3 mail account and set a password, that same account is available for authenticated SMTP and NNTP.

Manage Users via Cli

Invoke " adduser <user> <password>" where <user> is the user name and <password> is the password of the account you wish to create.

Please note that the user name MUST be a complete email address of the form <user>@<domain> (where <domain> is any of the values specified in the <servernames> block of XMLDomainList or a domain defined via the domain management).

That's it. Your users are now created and can be used by all James services.

Manage Users via JMX

Use and JMX client to access the Users management function.

The managed objects are exposed from localhost only (for security reasons) on the following URL:


If you want a remote access, you can install a web application management tool such as jmanage. You will get screens such as the following one.