What is the Apache James MPT?

Apache James Mail Protocol Tester (MPT) is a framework for the scriptable functional testing of ASCII based line protocols. Apache James MPT requires Java 1.5 or higher.


0.2 (Roadmap)

See roadmap.


Apache James MPT 0.1 is now available to download.

This is the first release. See the release notes and documentation for more details.


The main library contains the basic frameworks suitable for creating tests and for creating standalone tests suitable for independent execution. This contains a lightweight scripting framework suitable for the functional testing of the ASCII line based protocols common in mail. The script contains a list of client sends and templated server responses. The framework runs the client lines against a host system and then compares the server lines received in response against the templates (which may include regex's and so on).

The AntLib module extends the standalone framework to create functional testing tasks suitable for execution against a independently running server.

The Application module provides an executable interface for MPT.

More Information

For more information on

  • Scripting Language
  • Hosts Setup
  • Running Tests

See the documentation for the main MPT library.