Configure Apache James Server

All configuration files resides in the ./conf and ./conf/META-INF folder.

We ship with default configuration (embedded in jars) and -template files you can use to override the default configuration. Simply copy in conf folder *-template.xml to *.xml (example: smtpserver-template.xml to smtpserver.xml), and change in *.xml the settings to map your needs.

You can/must configure James for the following:

Config File Sample Config Area Config Comment
domainlist.xml Domain List Configuration
usersrepository.xml Users Configuration
recipientrewritetable.xml Recipient Rewrite Table Configuration
mailbox.xml Mailbox Configuration
mailbox.xml Quota Configuration
events.xml Event system Configuration
mailrepositorystore.xml Mail Repository Stores Configuration
dnsservice.xml DNS Service Configuration
smtpserver.xml SMTP Configuration
lmtpserver.xml LMTP Configuration
pop3server.xml POP3 Configuration
imapserver.xml IMAP4 Configuration
mailetcontainer.xml Mailet Container Configuration
fetchmail.xml FetchMail Configuration

For most advanced system configuration, you can configure James for the following:

System Config File Sample System Config Area System Config Comment
spring-server.xml System Configuration System Configuration
META-INF/persistence.xml System Configuration
System Configuration See monitoring with log4j section.
sqlResources.xml System Configuration Deprecated
jcr-repository.xml System Configuration

See also more specific configurations related to TLS, Sieve and Antispam.