What is Hupa?

Hupa is an Rich IMAP-based Webmail application written in GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

Hupa has been entirely written in java to be coherent with the language used in the James project. And It has been a reference of a devloping using GWT good practices (MVP pattern and Unit testing)

Hupa is a functional and well designed email client, ready for reading, sending and managing messages, but it still lacks of many features email clients nowadays have.


Last release is Hupa 0.0.3:
binary : ready to run or to deploy in any servlet container.
sources .


There are two instances of Hupa running in the ASF infra. One is configured to use GMail IMAP and SMTP servers, so any gmail account should work. The other one uses a set of messages used to test Hupa with fake imap and smtp servers implementations.



Aug/2012 - Hupa 0.0.3 released

Fixes various XSS issues CVE-2012-3536

Jun/2012 - Hupa 0.0.2 released

First stable version.

Apr/2012 - Hupa evolution accepted

We have got a GSOC student who will work with Hupa this Summer making it better !.

Mar/2012 - removed snapshots

Removed snapshot dependencies, updated to last GWT release, delivered with a integrated servlet-container (Jetty)

Feb/2012 - Call for GSOC students

We are looking for students wanted to collaborate with the Hupa evolution


Sep/2011 - Sevilla BarCamp

Manolo gave a talk in the Sevilla Apache BarCamp about Hupa architecture and roadmap.


Jun/2010 - Hupa 0.0.1

First beta release, with an improved interface and fully functional (read, edit, send, secure, attachments, etc)


Sept/2009 - Hupa moved to James

Hupa moved from Apache Labs to James.