The application tries to load from following configuration files (in order)

  • -Dhupa.config.file=your_hupa_properties_file when the web container has been started with the appropriate parameter
  • $HOME/.hupa/
  • /etc/default/hupa
If no custom configuration file is found, a default configuration ( WEB-INF/conf/ ) is used.

These property/value pairs are configurable in such a file:

Property Mandatory default Comment
IMAPServerAddress yes The IP or domainname of the IMAP server
IMAPServerPort yes The port of the IMAP server
IMAPConnectionPoolSize no 4 Set the connections amount which will get maximal opened per user for processing requests
Setting it higher can improve performance, but be sure that the IMAPServer will maybe have some limit
IMAPConnectionPoolTimeout no 300000 Set the timeout for connections in milliseconds
IMAPS no false Use SSL/TLS to connect to the IMAP server
TrustStore no The Truststore (including path) when using self-signed certificates on the server
TrustStorePassword no The Truststore's password
DefaultSentFolder no \Sent
DefaultTrashFolder no \Trash
DefaultDraftsFolder no \Drafts
DefaultInboxFolder no INBOX
PostFetchMessageCount no 0 Number of Messages to post fetch
SessionDebug no false Log IMAP and SMTP dialog, Logger has to be in debug mode
SMTPServerAddress yes The IP or domainname of the SMTP server
SMTPServerPort yes The port of the SMTP server
SMTPAuth no true Use AUTH for SMTP
SMTPS no false Use SSL/TLS to connect to the SMTP server