Postage - A Mail-Traffic Generator

Postage is a stand-alone pure-java application generating mail traffic on mail servers.

It uses standard mail protocols to do this, currently POP3 and SMTP.

Therefore, it is well suited for testing any mail server supporting those protocols.

It was particularily created for running against Apache James Server and contains special feature for it.

Load scenarios

Through the easy-to-use XML-file-based configuration, you can specify exactly the running scenario for your load profile.

Supports unlimited number of internal and external users.

Is flexible enough to mimic many real-world load scenarios, for example

  • many users, each receiving few mails every day
  • few users, heavily receiving mails
  • moderate mail traffic, yet very big attachments
Within one scenario, Postage supports different email profiles running in parallel. Every profile has its own specification in terms of
  • number of generated mails per minute
  • sender/receiver
  • mail size

Delivery analysis

Going beyond tools like postal, Postage tries to capture its test mails on the target location, records statistics and validates the result. So you can see not only the load, but also track successful and failed deliveries.

Track Server resource consumption

Postage is able to monitor the Server for memory and thread consumption, if it is running under Java 5 SE.


Per default, Postage generates test mails containing one textual and one binary part each having random sizes. This default behavior can be overridden on a email profile basis. User defined MailFactory and MailValidator classes which generate and handle use-case-specific mails can be plugged in very easily.