Deleted Messages Vault is the component in charge of retaining messages before they are going to be deleted. Messages stored in the Deleted Messages Vault could be deleted after exceeding their retentionPeriod (explained below). It also supports to restore or export messages matching with defined criteria in WebAdmin deleted messages vault document by using WebAdmin endpoints

Deleted Messages Vault Configuration

Note: This feature requires Guice wiring. To make James use DeletedMessageVault, you need to configure the PreDeletionHook for it. Example is at Mailbox Listener Configuration

The Deleted Messages Vault also stores and manages deleted messages into a BlobStore. The BlobStore can be either based on an object storage or on Cassandra. For configuring the BlobStore the vault will use, you can look at BlobStore Configuration.

Consult to get some examples and hints.

Deleted messages stored in the Deleted Messages Vault are expired after this period (default: 1 year). It can be expressed in y years, d days, h hours, ...
Messages restored from the Deleted Messages Vault are placed in a mailbox with this name (default: Restored-Messages>). The mailbox will be created if it does not exist yet.