100% pure Java Mail server designed to be a complete enterprise mail engine solution.

Supports currently available IETF protocols, including SMTP, LMTP, POP3, IMAP4. We also plan to support JMAP. ManageSIEVE support is experimental.

Apache James Server is able to store user and message data either in any JPA-compatible database, in Cassandra (allowing fast, reliable, even real-time replicated storage) in combinaison with an objectstore (S3 compatible API).

Provides a powerful, flexible mail application engine through support for the Apache Mailet API. With its Mailet pipeline architecture, Apache James Server can be used not only to provide standard e-mail services, but also to implement custom e-mail applications.


Configure the stores,...

via the well-known Spring framework - read more.

or via the Guice module - read more.


Manage domains, users,... via a command line client, a REST interface or a well-known JMX tools - read more. See also metrics in live with Grafana.


Apache James Server serves as a mail application platform.

The Apache James Project hosts the Apache Mailet API, and provides the Mailet container. These features makes it easy to design, write, and deploy custom applications for mail processing.

This modularity and ease of customization is one of Apache James' strengths, and can allow administrators to produce powerful applications surprisingly easily. - read more


Resources are abstracted and, accessed through defined interfaces. We rely on good development practices such as Component Oriented Programming and Inversion of Control. Thanks to the modularity of the servers, you can use James as a toolkit to assemble your own mail server.


A special focus has been brought to the performance: Apache James Server can process more than 100 mails per second. Deployed in production environments and has proven itself to be a robust and high performance mail solution. Versions 3.x onward is able to maintain a constant mail throughput rate of thousands of messages/minute for continuous periods - read more.


Apache James Server is a secured mail server by default - read more.