Guice configure Apache James Server

Such configuration only applies to Guice wiring.

You are encouraged to contribute by developing a new backend guice module. Have a look to the james-server-cassandra-guice artifact. This can easily be done as a third party application.

We provide a tested configuration for docker environment, for each Guice artifact, which can be a good base for your own configuration.

You can/must configure James for the following:

Config File Sample Config Area Config Comment Blob Export Configuration BlobStore Configuration Cassandra Configuration Deleted Messages Vault Configuration
dnsservice.xml DNS Service Configuration OpenSearch Configuration
imapserver.xml IMAP4 Configuration
lmtpserver.xml LMTP Configuration
mailetcontainer.xml Mailet Container Configuration
pop3server.xml POP3 Configuration RabbitMQ Configuration
smtpserver.xml SMTP Configuration

See also more specific configurations related to TLS, Sieve and Antispam.