DNS Service Configuration


Consult dnsservice.xml in GIT to get some examples and hints.

Specifies DNS Server information for use by various components inside Apache James Server.

DNS Transport services are controlled by a configuration block in the dnsservice.xml. This block affects SMTP remote delivery.

The dnsservice tag defines the boundaries of the configuration block. It encloses all the relevant configuration for the DNS server. The behavior of the DNS service is controlled by the attributes and children of this tag.

Information includes a list of DNS Servers to be used by James. These are specified by the server elements, each of which is a child element of the servers element. Each server element is the IP address of a single DNS server. The servers element can have multiple server children. Enter ip address of your DNS server, one IP address per server element. If no DNS servers are found and you have not specified any below, will be used
true or false - If you use autodiscover and add DNS servers manually a combination of all the DNS servers will be used If autodiscover is true, James will attempt to autodiscover the DNS servers configured on your underlying system. Currently, this works if the OS has a unix-like /etc/resolv.xml, or the system is Windows based with ipconfig or winipcfg. Change autodiscover to false if you would like to turn off autodiscovery and set the DNS servers manually in the servers section
true/false - This tag specifies whether or not to require authoritative (non-cached) DNS records; to only accept DNS responses that are authoritative for the domain. It is primarily useful in an intranet/extranet environment. This should always be false unless you understand the implications.
Maximum number of entries to maintain in the DNS cache (typically 50000)
Sets the maximum length of time that negative records will be stored in the DNS negative cache in seconds (a negative record means the name has not been found in the DNS). Values for this cache can be positive meaning the time in seconds before retrying to resolve the name, zero meaning no cache or a negative value meaning infinite caching.
true or false (default) - Specifies if Apache James Server must try a single server for each multihomed mx host
Turn on general debugging statements