James servers are able to evaluate and execute Sieve scripts.

Sieve is an extensible mail filtering language. It's limited expressiveness (no loops or variables, no tests with side effects) allows user created scripts to be run safely on email servers. Sieve is targeted at the final delivery phase (where an incoming email is transferred to a user's mailbox).

To be correctly executed, please note that the Sieve mailet is required to be positionned prior the LocalDelivery mailet.

Managing Sieve scripts

A user willing to manage his Sieve scripts on the server can do so via several means:

He can ask an admin to upload his script via the CLI

As James supports ManageSieve (RFC-5804) a user can thus use compatible software to manage his Sieve scripts.

ManageSieve protocol

WARNING: ManageSieve protocol should be considered experimental.

Consult managesieveserver.xml in GIT to get some examples and hints.

The service is controlled by a configuration block in the managesieveserver.xml. The managesieveserver tag defines the boundaries of the configuration block. It encloses all the relevant configuration for the ManageSieve server. The behavior of the ManageSieve service is controlled by the attributes and children of this tag.

This tag has an optional boolean attribute - enabled - that defines whether the service is active or not. The value defaults to "false" if not present.

The standard children of the managesieveserver tag are:

Configure this to bind to a specific inetaddress. This is an optional integer value. This value is the port on which this ManageSieve server is configured to listen. If the tag or value is absent then the service will bind to all network interfaces for the machine. If the tag or value is omitted, the value will default to the standard ManageSieve port:
port 4190 is the well-known/IANA registered port for ManageSieve.
Number of connection backlog of the server (maximum number of queued connection requests)
Set to true to support STARTTLS or SSL for the Socket. To use this you need to copy sunjce_provider.jar to /path/james/lib directory. To create a new keystore execute: keytool -genkey -alias james -keyalg RSA -storetype PKCS12 -keystore /path/to/james/conf/keystore
Please note that each IMAP server exposed on different port can specify its own keystore, independently from any other TLS based protocols.
Connection timeout in secconds
Set the maximum simultaneous incoming connections for this service
Set the maximum simultaneous incoming connections per IP for this service