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Write Custom James server assembly

Find this example on GitHub.

The current project demonstrates how to write a custom assembly in order to write your own tailor-made server.

    This enables:
  • Arbitrary composition of technologies (example JPA mailbox with Cassandra user management)
  • Write any additional components
  • Drop any unneeded component
  • You have control on the dependencies and can reduce the classpath size

Example: Write an IMAP+SMTP only memory server

In order to do this select the modules you wished to assemble in the Guice building blocks. We encourage you to have a fine grain control of your dependencies but for the sake of simplicity this example will reuse the dependencies of an existing James application:


Once done assemble the guice modules together in a class implementing JamesServerMain:

public class CustomJamesServerMain implements JamesServerMain {
       public static final Module PROTOCOLS = Modules.combine(
           new IMAPServerModule(),
           new ProtocolHandlerModule(),
           new MailRepositoryTaskSerializationModule(),
           new SMTPServerModule());

       public static final Module CUSTOM_SERVER_MODULE = Modules.combine(
           new MailetProcessingModule(),
           new MailboxModule(),
           new MemoryDataModule(),
           new MemoryEventStoreModule(),
           new MemoryMailboxModule(),
           new MemoryMailQueueModule(),
           new TaskManagerModule(),
           new RawPostDequeueDecoratorModule(),
           binder -> binder.bind(MailetContainerModule.DefaultProcessorsConfigurationSupplier.class)

       public static final Module CUSTOM_SERVER_AGGREGATE_MODULE = Modules.combine(

       public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
           Configuration configuration = Configuration.builder()


You need to write a minimal main method launching your guice module composition.

We do provide in this example JIB to package this custom James assembly into docker:

                <port>25</port> <!-- JMAP -->
                <port>143</port> <!-- IMAP -->

We provide a minimal sample configuration.

You can compile this example project:

mvn clean install

Create a keystore (default password being james72laBalle):

keytool -genkey -alias james -keyalg RSA -keystore keystore

Import the build result:

$ docker load -i target/jib-image.tar

Then launch your custom server with docker:

docker run \
    -v $PWD/keystore:/root/conf/keystore \
    -p 25:25 \
    -p 143:143 \
    -ti  \

You will see that your custom James server starts smoothly:

09:40:25.884 [INFO ] o.a.j.GuiceJamesServer - JAMES server started