Release Notes - Apache JAMES Server

The Apache James Server is a 100% pure Java SMTP and POP3 Mail server and NNTP News server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine solution. James is based on currently available open protocols.

The James server also serves as a mail application platform. The James project hosts the Apache Mailet API, and the James server is a Mailet container. This feature makes it easy to design, write, and deploy custom applications for mail processing. This modularity and ease of customization is one of James' strengths, and can allow administrators to produce powerful applications surprisingly easily.

Version 2.3.2

Is a compatible, point release


  • The Mordred data source is deprecated and will be removed in a future minor release.
  • The cryptography mailets and matchers are now available as a separate library. The versions included will be replaced by this library in a future minor release. Users should upgrade to the library versions.

Since 2.3.1

Bug Fixes
  • [JAMES-435] - James Service Wrapper displays wrong James version
  • [JAMES-770] - Exception when runnning JAMES with
  • [JAMES-787] - Unable to resolv [was: Fetchmail not use as RemoteAddress when using index=-1]
  • [JAMES-801] - "Using database" documentation should reflect removal of mysql jdbc driver.
  • [JAMES-814] - tools/bin/ant has malformed line endings
  • [JAMES-815] - The build process should auto-create the www directory
  • [JAMES-846] - RemoteDelivery convertTo7Bit() can corrupt message content.
  • [JAMES-851] - RemoteManagerTest fails because of bugs in the test
  • [JAMES-875] - Message-ID changed by mailets (MSGID_FROM_MTA_HEADER changed)
  • [JAMES-899] - RemoteDelivery sends a message again and again if transport.close() throws a MessagingException
New Features
  • [JAMES-849] - Support PostgreSQL for BayesianAnalysis
Tasks Completed
  • [JAMES-693] - Update javamail to 1.4.1 final when available
  • [JAMES-800] - UPGRADE.txt in trunk (and in 2.3.x branch) provides docs for updating from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0: should be updated or made clear
  • [JAMES-812] - Fix JIRA versions. next-minor and next-major do not have anymore meaning.
  • [JAMES-816] - Update to dnsjava 2.0.6
  • [JAMES-903] - Subversion Caretaking
  • [JAMES-907] - Run RAT

Version 2.2.1

Since 2.2.0

Sub-tasks Completed
  • [JAMES-718] - Add warning to config.xml to explain the problems which can happen with matchers which extend AbstractStorageQuota
  • [JAMES-790] - Remove from docs
Bugs Fixed
  • [JAMES-592] - OOM caused by unbounded cache in InetAddress (was James leaks memory slowly)
  • [JAMES-662] - doesn't handle multiple TO-recipients
  • [JAMES-663] - crashes on line "from_addr = os.environ['USER'] + '@' + socket.getfqdn()"
  • [JAMES-671] - ServerConnection doesn't properly handle the TCP/IP backlog
  • [JAMES-691] - Search & Fix broken links on the new website
  • [JAMES-721] - MBoxMailRepository.remove(String key) causes ClassCastException
  • [JAMES-735] - Failure to correctly set mail.smtp.localhost leads to mail servers being listed on and mail being rejected by Spamhaus.
  • [JAMES-757] - MailAddress not check for valid syntax if new MailAddress(user, domain) is used
  • [JAMES-759] - use localhost to connect to local smtpserver. We should use
  • [JAMES-778] - exporting variables using on solaris breaks
  • [JAMES-781] - James will not start if there is directory with too many files and folders in the repostiory path
  • [JAMES-783] - python/ is not added to the binary distribution package
  • [JAMES-830] - How can I connect Repository to Oracle DB server
  • [JAMES-853] - Server sends Mail without body while using gateway configuration for the RemoteDelivery Mailet
Improvements Made
  • [JAMES-679] - Make sure our container use an expiration for cached dns data
Tasks Completed
  • [JAMES-677] - Update license headers to follow the latest ASF requirements as of November the 1st
  • [JAMES-682] - Merge 2.3.0a1 to 2.3.0 final releases on JIRA
  • [JAMES-694] - Upgrade dnsjava to 2.0.3 when available
  • [JAMES-774] - Add documentation for the dns ttl issue