Class XMLVirtualUserTable

  extended by org.apache.mailet.GenericMailet
      extended by org.apache.james.transport.mailets.AbstractVirtualUserTable
          extended by org.apache.james.transport.mailets.XMLVirtualUserTable
All Implemented Interfaces:
Mailet, MailetConfig

public class XMLVirtualUserTable
extends AbstractVirtualUserTable

Implements a Virtual User Table to translate virtual users to real users. This implementation has the same functionality as JDBCVirtualUserTable, but is configured in the JAMES configuration and is thus probably most suitable for smaller and less dynamic mapping requirements. The configuration is specified in the form: <mailet match="All" class="XMLVirtualUserTable"> <mapping>virtualuser@xxx=realuser[@yyy][;anotherrealuser[@zzz]]</mapping> <mapping>virtualuser2@*=realuser2[@yyy][;anotherrealuser2[@zzz]]</mapping> ... </mailet> As many <mapping> elements can be added as necessary. As indicated, wildcards are supported, and multiple recipients can be specified with a semicolon-separated list. The target domain does not need to be specified if the real user is local to the server. Matching is done in the following order: 1. user@domain - explicit mapping for user@domain 2. user@* - catchall mapping for user anywhere 3. *@domain - catchall mapping for anyone at domain 4. null - no valid mapping

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getMailetInfo()
          Returns information about the mailet, such as author, version, and copyright.
 void init()
          Initialize the mailet
protected  void mapRecipients(java.util.Map recipientsMap)
          Map any virtual recipients to real recipients using the configured mapping.
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Constructor Detail


public XMLVirtualUserTable()
Method Detail


public void init()
          throws javax.mail.MessagingException
Initialize the mailet

init in class GenericMailet
javax.mail.MessagingException - if an exception occurs that interrupts the mailet's normal operation


protected void mapRecipients(java.util.Map recipientsMap)
                      throws javax.mail.MessagingException
Map any virtual recipients to real recipients using the configured mapping.

Specified by:
mapRecipients in class AbstractVirtualUserTable
recipientsMap - the mapping of virtual to real recipients


public java.lang.String getMailetInfo()
Description copied from class: GenericMailet
Returns information about the mailet, such as author, version, and copyright. By default, this method returns an empty string. Override this method to have it return a meaningful value.

Specified by:
getMailetInfo in interface Mailet
getMailetInfo in class GenericMailet
information about this mailet, by default an empty string

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