Deprecated API

Deprecated Classes
          This class was replaced by SetMimeHeader and is only here for backwards compatibly. It will be removed in next stable release 
          This class was replaced by SetMimeHeaderHandler and is only here for backwards compatibly. It will be removed in next stable release 

Deprecated Fields
          this is unused 
          this is unused 
          this is unused 
          this is unused 

Deprecated Methods
org.apache.james.James.addUser(String, String)
          we deprecated this in the MailServer interface and this is an implementation this component depends already depends on a UsersRepository: clients could directly use the addUser of the usersRepository., String)
          addUser should not be considered a property of a MailServer We could have readonly userbases providing full MailServer implementations. Look at the UsersRepository.addUser(username, password) method. 
          - No longer used in the new approach., Collection, InputStream)
          You can use MailetContext service for this purpose, Collection, MimeMessage)
          You can use MailetContext service for this purpose
          You can use MailetContext service for this purpose 
org.apache.james.James.storeMail(MailAddress, MailAddress, MimeMessage)
          since 2.2.0 look at the LocalDelivery code to find out how to do the local delivery. 
org.apache.mailet.MailetContext.storeMail(MailAddress, MailAddress, MimeMessage)
          - use sparingly. Service will be replaced with resource acquired via JNDI. 
          This method is not necessary and is preserved for API backwards compatibility. Users of this class should instantiate an instance and use it as they would any other DateFormat object. 

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