What Is A Mailet?

A mailet is an email processing agent described by the Mailet API.

Mailets are both flexible and powerful. So they can be used for a very wide range of purposes. The James email server factors most of it's mail processing functionality into mailets. These mailets can be used independently in any compatible Mailet container.

Apache Mailet 2.5.0 is the latest release and can be downloaded here.

Further Information

  • Mailet API describes the API implemented by Mailets
  • Mailet Base is a basic toolkit aimed at developers of Mailet implementations
  • Standard Mailets is a collection of basic Mailets with minimal dependencies
  • Crypto Mailets contains cryptographic Mailets which can be used to sign and verify signatures
  • JSieve contains mailets using the Sieve mail filter language
  • Mailetdocs generates catalogs and documentation for mailets.