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Packages that use SieveToXml.NameMapper
org.apache.jsieve.util Useful utilities for Sieve. 

Uses of SieveToXml.NameMapper in org.apache.jsieve.util

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.util that return SieveToXml.NameMapper
 SieveToXml.NameMapper SieveToXml.getCommandNameMapper()
          Gets mapper for command names.
 SieveToXml.NameMapper SieveToXml.getTestNameMapper()
          Gets the mapper for names of test nodes.
static SieveToXml.NameMapper SieveToXml.sieveInXmlMapper()
          Creates a mapper which returns values given in draft-freed-sieve-in-xml-01
Sieve Email Filtering: Sieves and display directives in XML.
static SieveToXml.NameMapper SieveToXml.uniformMapper(java.lang.String elementLocalName)
          Creates a mapper which will return the same name for any node.

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.util with parameters of type SieveToXml.NameMapper
 void SieveToXml.setCommandNameMapper(SieveToXml.NameMapper commandNameMapper)
          Sets mapper for command names.
 void SieveToXml.setTestNameMapper(SieveToXml.NameMapper testNameMapper)
          Sets the mapper for names of test nodes.

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