Package org.apache.jsieve.util

Useful utilities for Sieve.


Interface Summary
NodeHandler Presents a low level reporting view of a Sieve node tree.
SieveHandler Presents a high level reporting view of a Sieve node tree.
SieveToXml.NameMapper Maps node names to element names.
SieveToXml.Out Simple infoset output.

Class Summary
NodeToSieveAdapter Adapters low level NodeHandler output into a high level SieveHandler.
NodeTraverser Traverses nodes.
OutputUtils Output utilities.
SieveHandler.Base Convenience basic implementation.
SieveToXml Converts Sieve nodes to xml.
ToSieveHandlerFactory Builds sieve handlers that convert nodes to a Sieve script.
XmlOut Lightweight SieveToXml#Out implementation.

Exception Summary
HaltTraversalException Indicators that the node traversal should be abandoned.

Package org.apache.jsieve.util Description

Useful utilities for Sieve.

The general design approach has been to create finely grained flexible POJOs, and then use coursely grained static utilities (XYZUtils) to offer an easy interface to recommended defaults.

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