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The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Total number of occurrences
@todo 0

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Number of occurrences found in the code: 25

org.apache.james.jdkim.DKIMSigner Line
handle b= in SignatureRecord. whenever any tag is changed the b should be invalidated and the text representation lost. whenever the b value is regenerated it should also be associated with the right test representation. we need a method to "regenerate the text representation" and to retrieve it when it is valid. 96
org.apache.james.jdkim.DKIMVerifier Line
check with the IETF group to understand if this is the right thing to do. 169
loggin 171
here we could check more parameters for validation before running a network operation like the dns lookup. e.g: the canonicalization method could be checked now. 263
list good and bad signatures. remove system out. 337
loops signatureExceptions to give a more complete response, using nested exception or a compound exception. System.out.println(signatureExceptions); 360
org.apache.james.jdkim.DNSPublicKeyRetrieverTest Line
Requires internet connection 69
org.apache.james.jdkim.SignatureRecordImplTest Line
check bytes > 128 95
org.apache.james.jdkim.canon.SimpleBodyCanonicalizer Line
output the lone \r ? (this condition should never happen as we expect only CRLF in a compliant 7bit email. 54
org.apache.james.jdkim.impl.BodyHasherImpl Line
enhance this to use a lookup service. 53
org.apache.james.jdkim.impl.DNSPublicKeyRecordRetriever Line
log 73
org.apache.james.jdkim.tagvalue.PublicKeyRecordImpl Line
this should support CFWS: are they supported in DKIM for real? 40
do we treat v=NONDKIM1 records, syntax error records and v=DKIM1 in the middle records in the same way? 70
this works but smells too much as an hack. in case of "g=" with nothing specified then we return a pattern that won't match SPEC: An empty "g=" value never matches any addresses. 137
we need some escaping. On Java 5 we have Pattern.quote that is better 152
org.apache.james.jdkim.tagvalue.SignatureRecordImpl Line
ftext is defined as a sequence of at least one in %d33-57 or %d59-126 32
what about v=0.5 and no v= at all? do specs allow parsing? what should we check? 59
support ignoring signature for certain d values (externally to this class). 110
should we fail on WSP that is not part of FWS? the specification in 2.6 DKIM-Quoted-Printable is not clear 146
x-sig-a-tag-h = ALPHA *(ALPHA / DIGIT) 213
x-sig-a-tag-h = ALPHA *(ALPHA / DIGIT) 226
add validation method[/option] if (VALIDATION) 302
org.apache.james.jdkim.tagvalue.TagValue Line
check whether this is correct or not this allow FWS/WSP after the final ";" 143
add folding 289
org.apache.james.jdkim.tagvalue.TagValueTest Line
currently checking with the expert group to see if this is correct 153