Hey! Apache James Server 3.0-beta4 is out! Thank you to everyone who contributed code, documentation, bug report, feedback...

The Apache James Project delivers a rich set of open source modules and libraries, written in Java, related to Internet mail communication which build into an advanced enterprise mail server.

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Just like other Apache projects, Apache James is developed in an open and collaborative manner.

Download Early James Server 3.0-beta4

Download Stable James Server 2.3.2

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James Packaged as a Server

Apache James Server 3.0 and 2.3.2 are integrated email server with advanced fully functional features.

Apache James Server 3.0 provides a mailet container, delegating to independent processing agents known as mailets. It benefits from modular architecture, is built on Spring and is moving towards OSGi. It supports the following protocols:

You can also try the Apache James Hupa WEB-mail solution to give access from any browser to IMAP mailboxes (hosted by James Server or any other IMAP Server).

Apache James Software Components

Developers looking for a modular mail platform on which to build can look at the modules and libraries used to compose James Server 3.0.

Apache James IMAP provides a flexible codec for IMAP, command processors and a sample data access layer. In combination with a socket layer, and a mailbox persistence, this library can be used to create an IMAP server.

The Apache James Mailet project collects products related to mailets (mail processing components analogous to servlets). These are independent of the James server and can be reused in any mailet container.

Apache James Protocols project delivers a lightweight, and highly extensible framework for mail protocols implementations.

Apache James Mailbox is a flexible Mailbox storage accessible by mail (imap, pop3, smtp,...) and other protocols..

Apache James Mime4J parses MIME typed documents (including - but not limited to - mail). APIs similar to DOM, SAX and pull parsers are exposed.

Apache James jSPF implements SPF

Apache James jSieve implements the Sieve mail filtering language

Apache James jDKIM implements DKIM

Apache James MPT is a scripted functional test tool suitable for testing mail protocols.

Apache James Postage generates mail traffic suitable for stress testing mail servers

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