Package org.apache.james.fetchmail

Interface Summary
FetchSchedulerMBean An interface to expose James management functionality through JMX.

Class Summary
FetchMail Class FetchMail is an Avalon task that is periodically triggered to fetch mail from a JavaMail Message Store.
FetchScheduler A class to instantiate and schedule a set of mail fetching tasks $Id: 494012 2007-01-08 10:23:58Z norman $
FolderProcessor Class FolderProcessor opens a Folder and iterates over all of the Messages, delegating their processing to MessageProcessor.
MessageProcessor Class MessageProcessor handles the delivery of MimeMessages to the James input spool.
ProcessorAbstract Class ProcessorAbstract is an abstract class that provides support for JavaMail processors.
ReaderInputStream Simple class to allow a cast from a to a $Id: 494012 2007-01-08 10:23:58Z norman $
StoreProcessor Class StoreProcessor connects to a message store, gets the target Folder and delegates its processing to FolderProcessor.

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