Package org.apache.james.core

Implementations of core James services and concepts.


Class Summary
AbstractJamesService Server which creates connection handlers.
AvalonMailStore Provides a registry of mail repositories.
AvalonUsersStore Provides a registry of user repositories.
MailetConfigImpl Implements the configuration object for a Mailet.
MailHeaders This interface defines a container for mail headers.
MailImpl Wraps a MimeMessage adding routing information (from SMTP) and some simple API enhancements.
MatcherConfigImpl Implements the configuration object for a Matcher.
MimeMessageCopyOnWriteProxy This object wraps a "possibly shared" MimeMessage tracking copies and automatically cloning it (if shared) when a write operation is invoked.
MimeMessageCopyOnWriteProxy.MessageReferenceTracker Used internally to track the reference count It is important that this is static otherwise it will keep a reference to the parent object.
MimeMessageInputStreamSource Takes an input stream and creates a repeatable input stream source for a MimeMessageWrapper.
MimeMessageSource This defines a reusable datasource that can supply an input stream with MimeMessage data.
MimeMessageUtil Utility class to provide optimized write methods for the various MimeMessage implementations.
MimeMessageWrapper This object wraps a MimeMessage, only loading the underlying MimeMessage object when needed.

Package org.apache.james.core Description

Implementations of core James services and concepts.

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