Class MailetUtil

  extended by org.apache.mailet.base.MailetUtil

public class MailetUtil
extends Object

Collects utility methods.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static boolean getInitParameter(MailetConfig config, String name, boolean defaultValue)
          Gets a boolean valued init parameter.
static String normalizeSubject(String subj, String prefix)
          This takes the subject string and reduces (normailzes) it.
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Constructor Detail


public MailetUtil()
Method Detail


public static String normalizeSubject(String subj,
                                      String prefix)

This takes the subject string and reduces (normailzes) it. Multiple "Re:" entries are reduced to one, and capitalized. The prefix is always moved/placed at the beginning of the line, and extra blanks are reduced, so that the output is always of the form:

<prefix> + <one-optional-"Re:"*gt; + <remaining subject>

I have done extensive testing of this routine with a standalone driver, and am leaving the commented out debug messages so that when someone decides to enhance this method, it can be yanked it from this file, embedded it with a test driver, and the comments enabled.


public static boolean getInitParameter(MailetConfig config,
                                       String name,
                                       boolean defaultValue)

Gets a boolean valued init parameter.

config - not null
name - name of the init parameter to be queried
defaultValue - this value will be substituted when the named value cannot be parse or when the init parameter is absent
true when the init parameter is true (ignoring case); false when the init parameter is false (ignoring case); otherwise the default value

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