Class IsSingleRecipient

  extended by org.apache.mailet.base.GenericMatcher
      extended by org.apache.james.mailet.standard.matchers.IsSingleRecipient
All Implemented Interfaces:
Matcher, MatcherConfig

public class IsSingleRecipient
extends GenericMatcher

Matches mail where the number of recipiants is exactly one.

1.0.0, 04/12/2000

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Collection<MailAddress> match(Mail mail)
          Called by the matcher container to allow the matcher to process a message.
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Constructor Detail


public IsSingleRecipient()
Method Detail


public Collection<MailAddress> match(Mail mail)
Description copied from class: GenericMatcher

Called by the matcher container to allow the matcher to process a message.

This method is declared abstract so subclasses must override it.

Specified by:
match in interface Matcher
Specified by:
match in class GenericMatcher
mail - - the Mail object that contains the MimeMessage and routing information
java.util.Collection - the recipients that the mailet container should have the mailet affect.

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