Class AddHabeasWarrantMark

  extended by org.apache.mailet.base.GenericMailet
      extended by org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets.AddHabeasWarrantMark
All Implemented Interfaces:
Mailet, MailetConfig

public class AddHabeasWarrantMark
extends GenericMailet

This matcher adds the Hebeas Warrant Mark to a message. For details see:


 <mailet match="<suitable-matcher>" class="AddHabeasWarrantMark" />

NOTE: Although this mailet is covered by the Apache Software License, the Habeas Warrant Mark is copyright. A separate license from Habeas is required in order to legally attach the Habeas Warrant Mark to e-mail messages. Each James Administrator is responsible for ensuring that James is configured to attach the Habeas Warrant Mark only to e-mail covered by a suitable license received from Habeas. Because the Habeas Warrant Mark is copyright material, I have asked for and received the following explicit statement from Habeas:

 From: Lindsey Pettit []
 Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2002 5:51
 To: Noel J. Bergman
 Subject: RE: Habeas and Apache James

 Dear Noel,
 > FURTHERMORE, if James is to be capable of sending Habeas SWE, I need
 > to write a Mailet that attaches the headers.  As with any MTA, it
 > would be up to the administrator to properly configure James and make
 > sure that licenses are acquired.  Since the Habeas Warrant Mark is
 > copyright, I believe that I require authorization from you for that
 > Mailet, especially since it attaches the Habeas Warrant Mark.  For my
 > own protection, please show me why such authorization is unnecessary,
 > send me a digitally signed e-mail, or FAX a signed authorization
 You do not yourself need the authorization to build the functionality 
 into the [mailet];  what one needs authorization, in the form of a 
 license, for, is to use the mark *in headers*, in outgoing email.
 However, please let me know if you would like something more 
 formal, and I can try to have something faxed to you.
 > The Mailet docs would reference the Habeas website, and inform
 > administrators that in order to USE the mailet, they need to ensure
 > that they have whatever licenses are required from you as appropriate
 > to your licensing terms.
 That's absolutely perfect!

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getMailetInfo()
          Returns information about the mailet, such as author, version, and copyright.
 void service(Mail mail)
          Called by the mailet container to allow the mailet to process to a message message.
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Constructor Detail


public AddHabeasWarrantMark()
Method Detail


public void service(Mail mail)
             throws javax.mail.MessagingException
Called by the mailet container to allow the mailet to process to a message message. This method adds the Habeas Warrant Mark headers to the message, saves the changes, and then allows the message to fall through in the pipeline.

Specified by:
service in interface Mailet
Specified by:
service in class GenericMailet
mail - - the Mail object that contains the message and routing information
javax.mail.MessagingException - - if an message or address parsing exception occurs or an exception that interferes with the mailet's normal operation


public String getMailetInfo()
Description copied from class: GenericMailet
Returns information about the mailet, such as author, version, and copyright. By default, this method returns an empty string. Override this method to have it return a meaningful value.

Specified by:
getMailetInfo in interface Mailet
getMailetInfo in class GenericMailet
information about this mailet, by default an empty string

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