Uses of Interface

Packages that use KeyHolder
org.apache.james.mailet.crypto Provides classes implementing security related functionality. 
org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet Cryptographic mail processing agents. 

Uses of KeyHolder in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto

Classes in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto that implement KeyHolder
 class SMIMEKeyHolder
          Loads a KeyStore in memory and keeps it ready for the cryptographic activity.

Uses of KeyHolder in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet that return KeyHolder
protected  KeyHolder AbstractSign.getKeyHolder()
          Getter for property keyHolder.

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet with parameters of type KeyHolder
protected  void AbstractSign.setKeyHolder(KeyHolder keyHolder)
          Setter for property keyHolder.

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