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Getting Apache James to serve 1M+ digital mailboxes of all Estonian residents

September 21, 2021

The Apache James team is proud to announce that one of our committers, Juhan Aasaru, presents a James talk at ApacheCON @home 2021

Here is the talk description:

Every Estonian (e)resident has a digital mailbox that is a secure application for the state and local government bodies to contact the resident and vice versa. A year ago our company won the tender to improve this service and to replace the legacy systems with something scalable. This is the story of how we started to look out for best technical solutions for the problem and found Apache James. How we made a proposition to the government agency responsible for providing this mailing service to use Apache James (and Apache Cassandra that powers the system under the hood). How we jumped into the Apache James community to understand the product and find a way to solve the requirements that were missing from the feature set. How we get tremendous help from the community and how we managed to give something back as well.

Eventually our story could be a lesson learned for someone who plans to undertake something similar together with tips on how to correctly build a system on top of open source and what to avoid.

Most of his working life Juhan has worked as a Java developer and Solutions Architect. He has also been CTO in two startup companies. A few years ago he was working on a Fintech startup and contributed to Apache Fineract but recently his attention has moved away from Fintech towards Apache James.

Join him Tuesday, 21th of September in the highligh track.

This talk can be seen on youtube.