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Apache James `latest` Docker images changes

August 30, 2019

We have decided to change the latest Docker images behaviour.

Until nowadays, such images were built on the master branch for each products (linagora/james-memory, linagora/james-cassandra-rabbitmq-ldap-project, …).
This is not the way latest docker image should be, this blog post is explaining this kind of misunderstood.

So we decided to follow the global Docker users behaviour which is to clone the latest stable release as the Docker latest images.

For those of you who are willing to use a Docker image on top of the master branch, you can use the newly created branch-master tag,
which is published on each merge on the master branch.

NB: you should not use the latest image in a production deployment, otherwise you are at risk of jumping from one major release to another unexpectedly.

Thanks for reading, Antoine