The Apache Software Foundation

Apache James Server 3.2.0

November 14, 2018

The Apache James developers are pleased to announce James server 3.2.0 release.

Here are some points we worked on:


  • Mail filtering configured via the JMAP protocol
  • WebAdmin exposed mail re-indexing tasks
  • WebAdmin exposed health checks. This includes:
    • Possibility to perform a single healthcheck, thanks to mschnitzler
    • Cassandra health checks thanks to matzepan
  • IMAP MOVE commend (RFC-6851) On top of JPA. Thanks to mschnitzler
  • JPA support for Sieve script storage thanks to Sebast26
  • Sieve script upload via the CLI thanks to matzepan
  • Mailet DOC: Exclude from documentation annotation thanks to mschnitzler
  • cassandra.pooling.max.queue.size configuration option Thanks to matzepan
  • RecipentDomainI and SenderDomainIs matchers by athulyaraj


  • Multiple libraries updates
  • Migration from Cassandra 2 to Cassandra 3
  • Mail::getSender was deprecated. Mail::getMaybeSender offers better Null Sender support. Java 8 default API method was used to not break compatibility.


  • HBase and JCR components (mailbox and server/data). This will be removed as part of 3.3.0. If you have development skills, and are willing to maintain these components, please reach us.


  • Drop partially implemented Kafka distributed events

Third party softwares

  • SpamAssassin prior 3.4.2 is subject to multiple CVEs. We recommend the upg

Early adopters can download it, any issue can be reported on our issue tracker.