The Apache Software Foundation

Apache James Server 3.1.0

July 31, 2018

James server 3.1.0 has been releases.

Here are some points we worked on:


  • Introduce an object store
  • Configurable listeners
  • MDN (Message Disposition notification) parsing and handling
  • SpamAssassin support with per user reports
  • Search in attachments
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • JPA SMTP Guice product
  • Cassandra migration process
  • Structured logging
  • RPM packaging (in addition to deb packaging)
  • Delegating folders


  • Move to Java 8
  • Improve Mail Repositories handling, including a nice web API
  • Improve Mail Queues handling, including a nice web API
  • Improve RRT (Recipient Rewrite Table) implementation
  • Quota handling improvements, and in particular users can receive an email when they are near the limit of their quota
  • Many performances enhancement, in particular on Cassandra backend
  • Documentation updates

Early adopters can download it, any issue can be reported on our issue tracker.