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Apache James Server 3.0-beta3 released

August 06, 2011

The Apache James project is happy to announce the release of version 3.0-beta3 of its modular mail server.

We thank all Users for their feedback and tests and we encourage anyone to download and discover this Milestone 3 release.

If you’re interested in contributing to the James project, please subscribe to the James mailing lists

What’s new in 3.0-beta3 for end users:

  • Numerous IMAP bug fixes (better client support, memory improvement, NIO and IO support…)
  • Support for IMAP IDLE (RFC 2177, server transmit updates to the client in real time)
  • Support for IMAP User Flags
  • Support for IMAP WITHIN Extensions (RFC 5032)
  • Mailbox Tooling to copy from a persistence implementation to another implementation
  • Telnet Management has been removed in favor of JMX with client shell
  • More metrics counters available via JMX
  • Better debug logging on protocols
  • JPA validated against more databases (among others Oracle)
  • Multiple address and port configurations per protocol
  • POP3 is now operational (was buggy in 3.0-M2)
  • Upgrade tool from James 2.3 is available
  • Better logging on protocols with adjustable level
  • Full mailet package must be specified
  • Composite Matchers
  • Better debug logging on protocols
  • Mailing list functionality has been removed
  • More documentation on web site for configuration,…
  • Java 1.6 mandatory
  • … and much more, see details on

What’s new in 3.0-beta3 for developers:

  • Less maven modules
  • Maven 3.0.2 required to build
  • Upgrade to latest frameworks versions (netty, activemq, jackrabbit…)
  • Code reports generation via ‘mvn site -P site-reports’ maven profile
  • Corrections further to findbugs,… reports
  • Code formatting
  • … and much more, see details on

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