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Packages that use Mailet
org.apache.james A set of interfaces for commonly used, generic James concepts. 
org.apache.james.transport Classes that implement the matcher/mailet processing chain. 
org.apache.james.transport.mailets Core mailets for use with the Mailet API. 
org.apache.james.transport.mailets.debug Debugging mailets for use with the Mailet API. 
org.apache.mailet The classes that constitute the Mailet API. 

Uses of Mailet in org.apache.james

Fields in org.apache.james declared as Mailet
protected  Mailet James.localDeliveryMailet
          Currently used by storeMail to avoid code duplication (we moved store logic to that mailet).

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Methods in that return Mailet
 Mailet MailetLoader.getMailet(java.lang.String mailetName, org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.Configuration configuration)
          Get a new Mailet with the specified name acting in the specified context.

Uses of Mailet in org.apache.james.transport

Methods in org.apache.james.transport that return Mailet
 Mailet JamesMailetLoader.getMailet(java.lang.String mailetName, org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.Configuration configuration)

Methods in org.apache.james.transport with parameters of type Mailet
 void LinearProcessor.add(Matcher matcher, Mailet mailet)
          Adds a new Matcher / Mailet pair to the processor.

Uses of Mailet in org.apache.james.transport.mailets

Subinterfaces of Mailet in org.apache.james.transport.mailets
 interface ICommandListservManager
          ICommandListservManager is the interface that describes the functionality of any command based list serv managers.

Classes in org.apache.james.transport.mailets that implement Mailet
 class AbstractAddFooter
          An abstract implementation of a mailet that add a Footer to an email
 class AbstractNotify
          Abstract mailet providing configurable notification services.
 class AbstractRedirect
          Abstract mailet providing configurable redirection services.
 class AbstractVirtualUserTable
          Provides an abstraction of common functionality needed for implementing a Virtual User Table.
 class AddFooter
          This mailet will attach text to the end of the message (like a footer).
 class AddHabeasWarrantMark
 class AddHeader
          Deprecated. This class was replaced by SetMimeHeader and is only here for backwards compatibly. It will be removed in next stable release
 class AvalonListserv
          MailingListServer capability.
 class AvalonListservManager
          Adds or removes an email address to a listserv.
 class BayesianAnalysis
          Spam detection mailet using bayesian analysis techniques.
 class BayesianAnalysisFeeder
          Feeds ham OR spam messages to train the BayesianAnalysis mailet.
 class Bounce
          Generates a response to the reverse-path address.
 class ClamAVScan
          Does an antivirus scan check using a ClamAV daemon (CLAMD) Interacts directly with the daemon using the "stream" method, which should have the lowest possible overhead.
 class CommandListservFooter
          CommandListservFooter is based on the AddFooter mailet.
 class CommandListservManager
          CommandListservManager is the default implementation of ICommandListservManager.
 class CommandListservProcessor
          CommandListservProcessor processes messages intended for the list serv mailing list.
 class DSNBounce
          Generates a Delivery Status Notification (DSN) Note that this is different than a mail-client's reply, which would use the Reply-To or From header.
 class Forward
          Replaces incoming recipients with those specified, and resends the message unaltered.
 class FromRepository
          Re-spools Mail found in the specified Repository.
 class GenericListserv
          An abstract implementation of a listserv.
 class GenericListservManager
          An abstract implementation of a listserv manager.
 class JDBCAlias
          Rewrites recipient addresses based on a database table.
 class JDBCListserv
          Rewrites recipient addresses based on a database table.
 class JDBCVirtualUserTable
          Implements a Virtual User Table for JAMES.
 class LocalDelivery
          Receives a Mail from JamesSpoolManager and takes care of delivery of the message to local inboxes.
 class LogMessage
          Logs Message Headers and/or Body.
 class NotifyPostmaster
          Sends a notification message to the Postmaster.
 class NotifySender
          Sends a notification message to the sender of a message.
 class Null
          Simplest Mailet which destroys any incoming messages.
 class PostmasterAlias
          Rewrites recipient addresses to make sure email for the postmaster is always handled.
 class Redirect
          A mailet providing configurable redirection services.
 class RemoteDelivery
          Receives a MessageContainer from JamesSpoolManager and takes care of delivery the message to remote hosts.
 class RemoveAllMailAttributes
          This mailet sets removes all attributes set on the Mail instance Sample configuration: <mailet match="All" class="RemoveAllMailAttributes"/>
 class RemoveMailAttribute
          This mailet sets attributes on the Mail.
 class Resend
          A mailet providing configurable redirection services.
 class ServerTime
          Returns the current time for the mail server.
 class SetMailAttribute
          This mailet sets attributes on the Mail.
 class SetMimeHeader
          Adds a specified header and value to the message.
 class ToMultiRepository
          Receives a Mail from JamesSpoolManager and takes care of delivery of the message to local inboxes or a specific repository.
 class ToProcessor
          This mailet redirects the mail to the named processor Sample configuration: spam Notice attached to the message (optional)
 class ToRepository
          Stores incoming Mail in the specified Repository.
 class UseHeaderRecipients
          Mailet designed to process the recipients from the mail headers rather than the recipients specified in the SMTP message header.
 class UsersRepositoryAliasingForwarding
          Receives a Mail from JamesSpoolManager and takes care of delivery of the message to local inboxes.
 class WhiteListManager
          Manages for each local user a "white list" of remote addresses whose messages should never be blocked as spam.
 class XMLVirtualUserTable
          Implements a Virtual User Table to translate virtual users to real users.

Uses of Mailet in org.apache.james.transport.mailets.debug

Classes in org.apache.james.transport.mailets.debug that implement Mailet
 class Counter
          A simple in memory counter.
 class DumpSystemErr
          Debugging purpose Mailet.
 class ExceptionThrowingMailet
          Debugging purpose Mailet.
 class Identity
          Opposite of Null Mailet.

Uses of Mailet in org.apache.james.transport.mailets.smime

Classes in org.apache.james.transport.mailets.smime that implement Mailet
 class SMIMEAbstractSign
          Abstract mailet providing common SMIME signature services.
 class SMIMECheckSignature
           Verifies the s/mime signature of a message.
 class SMIMEDecrypt
          This mailet decrypts a s/mime encrypted message.
 class SMIMESign
          Puts a server-side SMIME signature on a message.

Uses of Mailet in org.apache.mailet

Classes in org.apache.mailet that implement Mailet
 class GenericMailet
          GenericMailet makes writing mailets easier.

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