Package org.apache.james.transport.mailets

Core mailets for use with the Mailet API.


Class Summary
AbstractAddFooter An abstract implementation of a mailet that add a Footer to an email
AddFooter This mailet will attach text to the end of the message (like a footer).
AddHabeasWarrantMark This matcher adds the Hebeas Warrant Mark to a message.
AddSubjectPrefix Add an prefix (tag) to the subject of a message

Sample Configuration:
ClamAVScan Does an antivirus scan check using a ClamAV daemon (CLAMD)
LogMessage Logs Message Headers and/or Body.
MailAttributesToMimeHeaders Convert attributes to headers
Null Simplest Mailet which destroys any incoming messages.
OnlyText Keep only the text part of a message.
PostmasterAlias Rewrites recipient addresses to make sure email for the postmaster is always handled.
RecoverAttachment This mailet takes an attachment stored in an attribute and attach it back to the message
RemoveAllMailAttributes This mailet sets removes all attributes set on the Mail instance Sample configuration:
RemoveMailAttribute This mailet sets attributes on the Mail.
RemoveMimeHeader Remove mime headers Sample configuration:
ReplaceContent Replace text contents
ServerTime Returns the current time for the mail server.
SetMailAttribute This mailet sets attributes on the Mail.
SetMimeHeader Adds a specified header and value to the message.
StripAttachment Remove attachments from a Message.
ToProcessor This mailet redirects the mail to the named processor
UnwrapText Remove (best effort to) the hardcoded wrapping from a message.
If the text is "format=flowed" then deflows the text.
UseHeaderRecipients Mailet designed to process the recipients from the mail headers rather than the recipients specified in the SMTP message header.
WrapText Convert a message to format=flowed

Package org.apache.james.transport.mailets Description

Core mailets for use with the Mailet API.

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