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Packages that use MailetException
org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets Core mailets for use with the Mailet API. 

Uses of MailetException in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets that throw MailetException
protected static PatternBean ReplaceContent.getPattern(String line)
protected static PatternList ReplaceContent.getPatternsFromStream(InputStream stream, String charset)
protected static PatternList ReplaceContent.getPatternsFromString(String pattern)
 void RemoveMailAttribute.init()
          Initialize the mailet
 void OnlyText.init()
 void UnwrapText.init()
 void WrapText.init()
 void ToProcessor.init()
          Initialize the mailet
 void StripAttachment.init()
          Checks if the mandatory parameters are present, creates the directory to save the files ni (if not present).
 void SetMailAttribute.init()
          Initialize the mailet
 void ReplaceContent.init()
 void RemoveMimeHeader.init()
 void RecoverAttachment.init()
          Checks if the mandatory parameters are present
 void OnlyText.service(Mail mail)
 void UnwrapText.service(Mail mail)
 void WrapText.service(Mail mail)
 void StripAttachment.service(Mail mail)
          Service the mail: scan it for attchemnts matching the pattern, store the content of a matchin attachment in the given directory.
 void ReplaceContent.service(Mail mail)
 void RecoverAttachment.service(Mail mail)
          Service the mail: check for the attribute and attach the attachment to the mail.

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