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Packages that use Mail   
org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet Cryptographic mail processing agents. 
org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.matcher Cryptographic tests for mail. 
org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets Core mailets for use with the Mailet API. 
org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets.debug Debugging mailets for use with the Mailet API. 
org.apache.james.mailet.standard.matchers Core matchers for use with the Mailet API. 
org.apache.mailet This package constitutes the Mailet API. 
org.apache.mailet.base Core mailet utilities and lightweight frameworks. 

Uses of Mail in

Methods in with parameters of type Mail
 void BayesianAnalysisFeeder.service(Mail mail)
          Scans the mail and updates the token frequencies in the database.
 void BayesianAnalysis.service(Mail mail)
          Scans the mail and determines the spam probability.

Uses of Mail in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.mailet with parameters of type Mail
protected  boolean AbstractSign.fromAddressSameAsReverse(Mail mail)
          Utility method that checks if there is at least one address in the "From:" header same as the reverse-path.
protected abstract  javax.mail.internet.MimeBodyPart AbstractSign.getWrapperBodyPart(Mail mail)
          Creates the MimeBodyPart that will be signed.
protected  javax.mail.internet.MimeBodyPart Sign.getWrapperBodyPart(Mail mail)
          A text file with the massaged contents of Sign.getExplanationText() is attached to the original message.
protected  javax.mail.internet.MimeBodyPart SMIMESign.getWrapperBodyPart(Mail mail)
          A text file with the massaged contents of SMIMESign.getExplanationText() is attached to the original message.
protected  boolean AbstractSign.isOkToSign(Mail mail)
          Checks if the mail can be signed.
 void AbstractSign.service(Mail mail)
          Service does the hard work, and signs
 void SMIMEDecrypt.service(Mail mail)
 void SMIMECheckSignature.service(Mail mail)

Uses of Mail in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.matcher

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.crypto.matcher with parameters of type Mail
 Collection<MailAddress> IsX509CertificateSubject.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> IsSMIMESigned.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> IsSMIMEEncrypted.match(Mail mail)

Uses of Mail in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets with parameters of type Mail
 void UseHeaderRecipients.service(Mail mail)
          Process an incoming email, removing the currently identified recipients and replacing them with the recipients indicated in the Mail-For, To and Cc headers of the actual email.
 void RemoveMailAttribute.service(Mail mail)
          Remove the configured attributes
 void OnlyText.service(Mail mail)
 void LogMessage.service(Mail mail)
          Log a particular message
 void HeadersToHTTP.service(Mail mail)
          Takes the message, serialises it and sends it to the URL
 void ClassifyBounce.service(Mail mail)
          Takes the message and adds a header to it.
 void ClamAVScan.service(Mail mail)
          Scans the mail.
 void AddSubjectPrefix.service(Mail mail)
          Takes the message and adds a prefix to the subject
 void UnwrapText.service(Mail mail)
 void SerialiseToHTTP.service(Mail mail)
          Takes the message, serialises it and sends it to the URL
 void WrapText.service(Mail mail)
 void ToProcessor.service(Mail mail)
          Deliver a mail to the processor.
 void StripAttachment.service(Mail mail)
          Service the mail: scan it for attchemnts matching the pattern, store the content of a matchin attachment in the given directory.
 void SetMimeHeader.service(Mail mail)
          Takes the message and adds a header to it.
 void SetMailAttribute.service(Mail mail)
          Sets the configured attributes
 void ServerTime.service(Mail mail)
          Sends a message back to the sender indicating what time the server thinks it is.
 void ReplaceContent.service(Mail mail)
 void RemoveMimeHeader.service(Mail mail)
 void RemoveAllMailAttributes.service(Mail mail)
          Removes all attributes on the Mail
 void RecoverAttachment.service(Mail mail)
          Service the mail: check for the attribute and attach the attachment to the mail.
 void RecipientToLowerCase.service(Mail mail)
 void PostmasterAlias.service(Mail mail)
          Make sure that a message that is addressed to a postmaster alias is always sent to the postmaster address, regardless of delivery to other recipients.
 void Null.service(Mail mail)
          Set this mail to GHOST state, indicating that no further processing should take place.
 void MailAttributesToMimeHeaders.service(Mail mail)
 void AddHabeasWarrantMark.service(Mail mail)
          Called by the mailet container to allow the mailet to process to a message message.
 void AbstractAddFooter.service(Mail mail)
          Takes the message and attaches a footer message to it.

Uses of Mail in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets.debug

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.mailets.debug with parameters of type Mail
 void Identity.service(Mail mail)
          Do nothing.
 void ExceptionThrowingMailet.service(Mail mail)
          Throw an exception if any mail is processed.
 void DumpSystemErr.service(Mail mail)
          Writes the message to System.err .
 void Counter.service(Mail mail)
          Count processed mails, marking each mail as completed after counting.

Uses of Mail in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.matchers

Methods in org.apache.james.mailet.standard.matchers with parameters of type Mail
protected abstract  long AbstractQuotaMatcher.getQuota(MailAddress address, Mail mail)
          Gets the quota to check against.
protected abstract  long AbstractQuotaMatcher.getUsed(MailAddress address, Mail mail)
          Gets the used amount to check against the quota.
protected  boolean AbstractQuotaMatcher.isOverQuota(MailAddress address, Mail mail)
          Does the quota check.
 Collection<MailAddress> HasHeader.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> AttachmentFileNameIs.match(Mail mail)
          Either every recipient is matching or neither of them.
 Collection<MailAddress> SubjectStartsWith.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SubjectIs.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SizeGreaterThan.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SenderIsRegex.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SenderIsNull.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SenderIsLocal.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SenderIs.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SenderHostIsLocal.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SenderHostIs.match(Mail mail)
          Takes the message and checks the sender (if there is one) against the vector of host names.
 Collection<MailAddress> SMTPIsAuthNetwork.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SMTPAuthUserIs.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> SMTPAuthSuccessful.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> RelayLimit.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> IsSingleRecipient.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> HasMailAttributeWithValueRegex.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> HasMailAttributeWithValue.match(Mail mail)
          Answers the recipients of the mail if the attribute is present, and has a toString() value equal to the configured value.
 Collection<MailAddress> HasMailAttribute.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> HasHabeasWarrantMark.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> HasAttachment.match(Mail mail)
          Either every recipient is matching or neither of them.
 Collection<MailAddress> GenericRegexMatcher.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> FetchedFrom.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> CompareNumericHeaderValue.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> All.match(Mail mail)
 Collection<MailAddress> AbstractQuotaMatcher.match(Mail mail)
          Standard matcher entrypoint.

Uses of Mail in org.apache.mailet

Methods in org.apache.mailet with parameters of type Mail
 void MailetContext.bounce(Mail mail, String message)
          Bounces the message using a standard format with the given message.
 void MailetContext.bounce(Mail mail, String message, MailAddress bouncer)
          Bounces the message using a standard format with the given message.
 Collection<MailAddress> Matcher.match(Mail mail)
          Takes a Mail message, looks at any pertinent information, and returns a subset of recipients that meet the match conditions.
 void MailetContext.sendMail(Mail mail)
          Sends an outgoing message to the top of this mailet container's root queue.
 void Mailet.service(Mail mail)
          Services a mail message.

Uses of Mail in org.apache.mailet.base

Methods in org.apache.mailet.base with parameters of type Mail
 Collection<MailAddress> MatcherInverter.match(Mail mail)
          Return a Collection of "not matched" recipients
 Collection<MailAddress> GenericRecipientMatcher.match(Mail mail)
          Matches each recipient one by one through matchRecipient(MailAddress recipient) method.
abstract  Collection<MailAddress> GenericMatcher.match(Mail mail)
          Called by the matcher container to allow the matcher to process a message.
abstract  void GenericMailet.service(Mail mail)
          Called by the mailet container to allow the mailet to process a message.

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