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Uses of MailAddress in org.apache.mailet

Methods in org.apache.mailet that return MailAddress
 MailAddress MailetContext.getPostmaster()
          Returns the Postmaster address for this mailet context.
 MailAddress Mail.getSender()
          Returns the sender of the message, as specified by the SMTP "MAIL FROM" command, or internally defined.

Methods in org.apache.mailet with parameters of type MailAddress
 void MailetContext.bounce(Mail mail, java.lang.String message, MailAddress bouncer)
          Bounces the message using a standard format with the given message.
 boolean MailetContext.isLocalEmail(MailAddress mailAddress)
          Checks if an address is local, i.e.
 void MailetContext.sendMail(MailAddress sender, java.util.Collection recipients, javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage message)
          Sends an outgoing message to the top of this mailet container's root queue.
 void MailetContext.sendMail(MailAddress sender, java.util.Collection recipients, javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage message, java.lang.String state)
          Sends an outgoing message to the top of this mailet container's queue for the specified processor.
 void MailetContext.storeMail(MailAddress sender, MailAddress recipient, javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage message)
          Deprecated. - use sparingly. Service will be replaced with resource acquired via JNDI.

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