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Packages that use SieveHandler
org.apache.jsieve.util Useful utilities for Sieve. 

Uses of SieveHandler in org.apache.jsieve.util

Classes in org.apache.jsieve.util that implement SieveHandler
static class SieveHandler.Base
          Convenience basic implementation.

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.util that return SieveHandler
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.argument(int number)
          Handler a numeric argument.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.argument(int number)
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.argument(java.lang.String identifier)
          Handles a tag argument.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.argument(java.lang.String tag)
 SieveHandler out)
          Builds a handler to writes to the given output.
 SieveHandler writer)
          Builds a configured handler.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endArguments()
          Handles the end of a block of arguments.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endArguments()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endBlock()
          Handles the end of a block.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endBlock()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endCommand(java.lang.String commandName)
          Handles the end of a command.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endCommand(java.lang.String commandName)
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endCommands()
          Handles the end of a block of commands.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endCommands()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endScript()
          Handles the end of a Sieve script.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endScript()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endStringListArgument()
          Handles the end of an argument which is a list of strings.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endStringListArgument()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endTest(java.lang.String testName)
          Handles the end of a test.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endTest(java.lang.String testName)
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.endTestList()
          Handles the end of a list of tests.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.endTestList()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.listMember(java.lang.String string)
          One string from a list.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.listMember(java.lang.String string)
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startArguments()
          Handles the start of a block of arguments.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startArguments()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startBlock()
          Handles the start of a block.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startBlock()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startCommand(java.lang.String commandName)
          Handles the start of a command.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startCommand(java.lang.String commandName)
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startCommands()
          Handles the start of a block of commands.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startCommands()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startScript()
          Handles the start of a Sieve script.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startScript()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startStringListArgument()
          Handles the start of an argument which is a list of strings.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startStringListArgument()
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startTest(java.lang.String testName)
          Handles the start of a test.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startTest(java.lang.String testName)
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.startTestList()
          Handles the start of a list of tests.
 SieveHandler SieveHandler.Base.startTestList()

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.util with parameters of type SieveHandler
 void NodeTraverser.traverse(SieveHandler handler, org.apache.jsieve.parser.generated.Node root)
          Traverses the tree structure rooted at the given node.

Constructors in org.apache.jsieve.util with parameters of type SieveHandler
NodeToSieveAdapter(SieveHandler handler)
          Constructs an adapter to the given SieveHandler.

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