Package org.apache.jsieve.mailet

Sieve filtering mailet.


Interface Summary
ActionContext Provides context for action execution.
MailAction Executes a Sieve action.
Poster Experimental interface.
ResourceLocator Experimental API locates resources.

Class Summary
ActionDispatcher Dynamically dispatches an Action depending on the type of Action received at runtime.
ActionUtils Utility methods helpful for actions.
FileIntoAction Performs the filing of a mail into a specified destination.
KeepAction Performs the filing of a mail into the inbox.
RedirectAction Performs the redirection of a mail.
RejectAction Performs the rejection of a mail, with a reply to the sender.
SieveMailAdapter Class SieveMailAdapter implements a MailAdapter for use in a Mailet environment.
SieveMailboxMailet Executes a Sieve script against incoming mail.

Package org.apache.jsieve.mailet Description

Sieve filtering mailet.

Provides suitable actions and adapters for Sieve use in a Mailet container.

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