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Uses of FeatureException in org.apache.jsieve.commands

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.commands that throw FeatureException
protected  void Require.validateFeature(java.lang.String name, MailAdapter mail, SieveContext context)
          Method validateFeature validates the required feature is configured as either a Command or a Test.

Uses of FeatureException in org.apache.jsieve.comparators

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.comparators that throw FeatureException
 boolean Contains.contains(java.lang.String container, java.lang.String content)
          Method contains answers a boolean indicating if parameter container contains parameter content using the comparison rules defind by the implementation.
 boolean AsciiNumeric.contains(java.lang.String container, java.lang.String content)
          Unsupported, see RFC4790.
 boolean AsciiNumeric.matches(java.lang.String string, java.lang.String glob)
          Unsupported operation.

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