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Uses of CommandException in org.apache.jsieve

Methods in org.apache.jsieve that return CommandException
 CommandException ScriptCoordinate.commandException(java.lang.CharSequence message)
          Creates a command exception based on the given message containing details of the script position.

Uses of CommandException in org.apache.jsieve.commands

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.commands that throw CommandException
protected  void AbstractActionCommand.validateState(SieveContext context)
           Method validateState() validates via the CommandStateManager that an Action Command is legal at this time.
protected  void AbstractCommand.validateState(SieveContext context)
          Framework method validateState is invoked before a Sieve Command is executed to validate its state.
protected  void AbstractPrologCommand.validateState(SieveContext context)
           Method validateState() ensures, via the CommandStateManager, that a Prolog Command is permissible.

Uses of CommandException in org.apache.jsieve.commands.optional

Methods in org.apache.jsieve.commands.optional that throw CommandException
protected  void Reject.validateState(SieveContext context)

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