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Special thanks go to the following people for their contributions to this project. We also appreciate documentation, feedback, and bug reports. This is a living document that describes the key contributors to James. Last Updated October 2010.

Active Committers

Serge Knystautas (sergek at (SK)
Serge was the original donator of the James code, which has since been massively improved by people smarter than him. He tries to answer questions on the listserv and make code contributions when he does get a rare bit of free time.

Harmeet Bedi (harmeet at (HB)

Danny Angus (danny at (DA)
Danny is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and married father of two by night, and by day works as lead technical consultant for the Student Loans Company ltd.

Noel J. Bergman (noel at (NjB)

Vincenzo Gianferrari Pini (vincenzo.gianferraripini at [VGP]

Soeren Hilmer (sh at [SH]

Steve Brewin (sbrewin at [SB]

Jason Webb (jw at [JW]

Stefano Bagnara (apache at [SB2]

Norman Maurer (norman at [NM]

Bernd Fondermann (bf_jak at [BF]

Robert Burrell Donkin (rdonkin at [RBD]

Markus Wiederkehr (mwiederkehr at

Oleg Kalnichevski (olegk at

Manuel Carrasco Monino (manolo at

Eric Charles (eric at

Alumni and Other Contributors

Many people have had a hand in James' success over the years, here we'd like to give credit to those who have made a difference and to those who have left.

Alan D. Cabrera (list at [ADC]

Darrell DeBoer (DD)

Stephen J. McConnell (mcconnell at (SJM)

Peter M. Goldstein (farsight at (PG)

Pete Donald (PD)

Charles Benett (charles at (CB)

Federico Barbieri, (scoobie at (FB)

Stuart Roebuck, stuart.roebuck at (SR)

Ivan Seskar, iseskar at (IS)

Prasanna Uppaladadium, prasanna at (PU)

Gabriel Bucher, gabriel.bucher at (GB)

Matthew Pangaro, mattp at (MP)

Jason Borden, jborden at (JB)

Randy Stanard (rstanard at (RS)
Contributed the James logo.

Samuel Sadek (Samuel.Sadek at (SS)

Stephan Schiessling (s at (SS2)

Eung-ju Park (colus at (EP)

Paul Hammant (Paul_Hammant at (PH)

Jeff Keyser (JKeyser at (JK)

Andrei Ivanov (myfam at (AI)

Brad Walker (bwalker at (BW)

Christian Buchegger (christian.buchegger at (CB2)

Shilpa Dalmia (shilpa at (SD)

Steve Short (sshort at (SS3)

Aaron Knauf (aknauf at (AK)

Serge "Sergei" Sozonoff (serge at (SS4)

Kai Londenberg (kai.londenberg at [KL]

Mark Imel (james at [MI]

Kevin Schmidt (ktschmidt at [KS]

Hontvari Jozsef (hontvari2 at [HJ]

Cesar Bonadio (bonadio at [CB3]

Marco Tedone (mtedone at [MT]

Tim Stephenson (tim at [TS]

Richard O. Hammer (rohammer at [ROH]