jSieve Features

Sieve Features Supported By jSieve

jSieve is limited only by the platform on which it runs.

Maximum Number Of ActionsNo intrinsic limit
Maximum Number Of Nested BlocksNo intrinsic limit
Maximum Number Of Nested Test ListsNo intrinsic limit

jSieve supports the standard control commands specified in RFC 3028.

Control CommandSpecificationSupported
IfRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
RequireRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
StopRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes

jSieve supports all action commands (both required and optional) specified in RFC 3028.

Note that jSieve uses a pluggable MailAdapter as an interface to the mail server. Not all implementations may fully support all actions.

Action CommandSpecificationSupported
rejectRFC 3028 (OPTIONAL)yes
fileintoRFC 3028 (OPTIONAL)yes
redirectRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
keepRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
discardRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes

jSieve supports all tests commands specified in RFC 3028.

Test CommandSpecificationSupported
addressRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
allofRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
anyofRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
envelopeRFC 3028 (OPTIONAL)yes
existsRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
falseRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
headerRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
notRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
sizeRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
trueRFC 3028 (REQUIRED)yes
bodySIEVE body extensionpartial

jSieve Extension Commands

jSieve allows extension commands to be developed and plugged in at run time. The following extension commands ship with jSieve:

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